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Family Time Grill


Prepare your favorite Rutt’s meals from the comfort of your home. 


a plate of fooda plate of fooda box filled with different types of food

a bowl of fruit sitting on top of a wooden tablea bowl of salada bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table

a plate of food with stewa plate of food with a slice of pizzaa plate of food

a close up of a plate of food with ricea white plate topped with meat potatoes and broccoli

Available for Pick-Up & Delivery!

1.Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Grill or Freeze) $7.45 per lb 

2 . Citrus Marinated Chicken (Grill or Freeze) $8.45 per lb

3.Beef Stew (Stove Top, Microwave or Freeze) $30 half sheet 

4.Boneless Beef Short Ribs (Stove Top, Microwave or Freeze) $9.95 per lb 

5. Kal-Bi (Grill or freeze) $10.95 per lb

6.Teriyaki Beef (Stove Top or freeze) $8.95 per lb 

7.Homemade Chili (Stove Top or Microwave) $7.95 per lb 

8.Portuguese Sausage MIKO brand Hotlinks (Grill or Freeze) $7.95 per 10oz 

9. Kalua Pork (Frying-pan, Microwave or Freeze) $6.45 per lb 

10. Lau Lau (Steam, Microwavable or Freezable) $8.50 each 

11. Saimin Noodle Kit (includes: Frozen Saimin Noodles, Fish Cake, Saimin Base, 2 lb of Rutt's Chopped Char Sui, Fried Egg, and Green Onion) You can choose: Veggie Saimin Soup, Chicken or Char Sui. $6/bowl or grab 6 for $30. 

*All items served raw must be cooked to 165 degree F* 

Stock up while supplies last.